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Comfort and technical fabrics

"What I like particularly about For Horses Equestrian Wear is the modern trendy style, and the technical multi-stretch fabrics that mold well to the body and are extremely comfortable. The clothes feel fresh and dry, even after competition, and in rainy conditions the fabrics dry quickly."

Bruno D.

For Horses every day

“I love the quality and attention to details. The breeches have an amazing, close fit, and the seams are minimal and barely noticeable. The show shirts and jackets are so comfortable you don’t feel them on and are extremely resistant to movement while riding.

Thanks to the wide range of products and colors, I can always find something to satisfy my imagination when riding.”

Giulia L.

Easy to wash and long lasting

“From the moment I tried For Horses clothing I fell in love with the brand for the quality, comfort and attention to details. One of the features I like the most of FH is how easy it is to care for the show jackets, sweatshirts, show shirts andbreeches.
You can wash them in the washing machine, hang them and in few minutes they are dry and ready to wear. This makes the difference, especially when traveling and during competition!”

Elisabetta L.

Style and comfort, the perfect combination

"For Horses provides a great balance between style and comfort. I feel elegant in the show ring, the clothes move easily with me when I’m jumping. The schooling wear is breathable, protects me from the sun and is versatile for all weather conditions.
I'm often on the road and it’s important that the fabrics are easy to clean and quick to dry. I’m proud to wear For Horses because it’s a brand I can honestly stand behind"

Abigail M.