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how to dress equestrian competition

How to Dress for Equestrian Competitions

Are you planning to participate in a riding competition with your horse, but you still don't know the clothing rules to follow?

There are regulations to follow that differ by the type of discipline and show you are doing. The type of equestrian sport clothing required also varies depending on the level at which you are competing. Amateur riding competitions are usually more relaxed, while professional competitions require specific clothing.

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how to buy horse

How to Buy a Horse: The 2020 Definitive Guide

Are you thinking of buying a horse? Then there are guidelines that you should follow to make sure you buy a good horse without ever regretting it.

Before you buy, get ready!
All horse lovers would like to have a horse. However, this animal requires a lot of time and money, and you will also need to consider the space needed for the horse to live and thrive! This is why it is important to think very well about deciding to buy a horse.

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how long train on horseback

How long should I train on horseback? Here’s Giulia Levi's answer

For Horses Brand Ambassador Giulia Levi is a 5th year law student at Bocconi University in Milan, a talented Show Jumper and great horse enthusiast.

We talked to her about a typical day in her life, her passion for horses and how she balances taking care of her horses, competitive riding and student life.

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how to feed a horse

How to feed your Horse: The Rules for a Healthy Nutrition

A balanced and correct diet, together with regular physical activity, will guarantee your horse has a healthy and long life.

How many times a day should you feed your horse? How should you feed it and above all, with what?

Here are some tips on how to feed your horse in a healthy and natural way.

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choose riding breeches

How to Choose your Riding Breeches

How can you find the right pair of breeches in a sea of brands, colors, and styles?

Before you start looking, you need to know what you’re looking for.
How do you ride your horse? Show jumping, dressage, cross country, hunter, trekking, trail rides?

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best equestrian breeches for horses

Women's equestrian breeches: history, technology, and prices

Equestrian breeches are a fundamental product for experiencing the emotion of riding in maximum comfort.

Comfortable, practical and sturdy, modern equestrian breeches provide women with far greater performance than any other type of trousers.
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How to Add a Coupon Code to your For Horses Order

How to Add a Coupon Code to your For Horses Order

Found a pair of breeches or a nice show jacket that you like? You’d probably love to get a few euros off your order, right? To help you add your coupon or discount code, follow those simple steps below.
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