Made in For Horses 

For Horses® is a modern artisan company that encompasses a highly technical and specialized structure and team.

Each garment is created and developed within FH for every stage of its production thanks to a long tradition and know-how,
supported by the most modern technologies and machinery.

FH products come from a union of tailoring, craftsmanship and technology,
and a love for each garment, which is followed step by step from birth to sales by the whole FH team:
from the creation of new models that include careful analysis of trends, a constant search for advanced performance materials and
a particular attention to the wearability of each garment, to the development of the model, the cutting of prototypes,
fitting and preparation for production.

Garments are then skillfully tailored by our expert seamstresses and laboratories that pay close attention to the realization of
every minimum seam and detail. Finally, each garment is finished with precious details and individually checked
to ensure that every detail is taken care of to perfection.



Attention to detail in every FH creation 

Every detail in our garments expresses a passion for creativity, detail and elegance typical in a culture of artisan craftsmanship.

Our production is done in the province of Vicenza, a territory characterized by a long manufacturing tradition in the textile sector:
For Horses® is committed to carrying forward the distinctive values of this territory by promoting made in Italy craftsmanship and
tailoring in every production phase, offering each rider in the world unique, exclusive and valuable items.