February 16, 2020 2 min read

For Horses Brand Ambassador Giulia Levi is a 5th year law student at Bocconi University in Milan, a talented Show Jumper and great horse enthusiast.

We talked to her about a typical day in her life, her passion for horses and how she balances taking care of her horses, competitive riding and student life.

How did your passion for horses come about?

My passion for horse riding happened at an early age when I went to see my older sister Elisabetta compete on ponies, and from that moment I immediately fell in love with horses.

By the age of six I was already in the saddle, and I haven't stopped since that day!

What advice would you have for a young person getting involved in your discipline today?

giulia levi horseback training jump show

To all those who want to approach this discipline I would advise you to never become demoralized in front of a difficulty, but to take it as an opportunity to improve, to always have the desire to learn, to be determined in what you want to achieve and let yourself be helped by those who are more experienced.

How do you manage stress and win even under pressure?

Let's say that managing stress is not my strength, although through continual experience I have learned to control it.

I can say that over time I am able to improve because after every mistake, I think about what I did wrong and I realize that many mistakes are due to a lack of keeping a cool head and allowing anxiety to take control.

How much do you train? Tell us about your typical day.

I train 6 days a week and ride 5/6 horses a day. A year and a half ago I moved near Brescia to the stables of Stefano Cesaretto and Giulia Martinengo to live and train. My day starts at 7.30 and I ride until lunchtime. My afternoons are dedicated to studying and finishing my degree.

Tell us about your latest successes and the predictions you have for the future!

giulia levi on horse winning salzburg EYCUP

2019 ended in the best way! I am very satisfied with my second place win in Salzburg in the 155 EYCUP final with my partner Van Dutch, and it certainly gave me the right energy to start working in 2020 with more determination, self-awareness and strength.

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